General FAQs
Do I have to register to use Muslim-Ads?

Yes, you do have register to Post Ads but you do not need to register to browse the ADs or to contact the advertisers via the ‘Contact Owner’ button.

What details do you require from me during the registration process?

To register, you will need to create your; username, this could be anything of your choice, we will also require your email address, your first and surname, your country of residence.

Can I register or login with a Social Network?

No, you cannot register or login using an existing social network account.


Why have I received a Welcome email from Muslim-Ads Mailing List even though I did not signup or subscribe ?

As per our terms every member who registers an account on Muslim-Ads is automatically added to our Mailing List. If you do not want to receive our newsletters or promotional emails, you will have the option to unsubscribe from our Mailing List when you receive our newsletters or promotional emails.

Do you store my credit/debit card details?

No, all our payments our processed via PayPal therefore we only receive the payment into our PayPal account and do not see or receive your debit/credit card or PayPal details.

Do you share or sell my personal details to other Third Parties?

No, your personal details are stored on our server for internal use; we will never sell or pass on your details to any third party organisations. For further information please refer to our Privacy Policy.

How long does my membership stay active?

All new accounts registered will remain active for an indefinite period, unless it is closed by our admin team for violation of our Terms of Use or closed at the request of the member.

Please also note that after your AD has expired your account and membership will still remain active. You can login at any time to purchase a new package or to renew your expired AD.

Do I need to verify or activate my new account on Muslim-Ads?

Yes, after you have entered and submitted your details during registration you will receive an email confirming the registration. This email will also contain a temporary password along with the username you created. You will need to login using the username and password. It is recommended that you change your password when you login for the first time.

Do you provide a search and find service?

No, Muslim-Ads is a classifieds website, we do not provide such services where we search or find accommodation, jobs etc for our members or visitors.

Why was my Ad or Account deleted/removed?

We will only remove an AD or Account if we believe that our Terms of Use have been violated. If you feel that your AD or Account is not in breach of our terms of use and was removed in error then please contact our admin team, via our contact form.

Can I access/login to my account from any computer?

Yes, you can login to you Muslim-Ads account from any computer, laptop or other internet enabled devices. However we recommend that to protect unauthorised access of your account you should always log out of your account and close your browser. You should also never use the ‘Auto complete Function’ of any browser if the computer or device you are using is shared with others.

I’ve been the victim of a scam. What should I do?

If you have been a victim of a scam from an Ad posted on Muslim-Ads you should report it to us via our contact form. We will try to assist you and also take actions to prevent other users becoming a victim. You should also report it to the Police, please see our Safety Advice & Tips for further information.

I have received a suspicious response or reply, what should I do?

If you have received a suspicious email from a Member or Advertiser on Muslim-Ads you should report it to us via our contact form. We will try to assist you and also take any necessary actions to prevent other users becoming a victim.

I wish to advertise my product or business on Muslim-Ads?

As well as posting ADs you can also purchase banner advertising spots on our site. You will need to write to us via our contact form. We will review your application and advice you of the costs etc.

I do not live in the UK can I post an Ad on Muslim-Ads?

Yes you can post an AD if you live outside the UK, please ensure that you select the correct country during the AD posting process. If ADs are posted in the wrong country they will be removed.

I wish to form a partnership with Muslim-Ads?

If you have a website or business and want to form a partnership with Muslim-Ads then you can submit your query or proposal to us via our contact form.

I want to do a website link exchange with Muslim-Ads?

If you have a website and want to link with Muslim-Ads then you can submit your application via the Submit Link form.

I need to speak to a member of the Muslim-Ads team?

If you have a query or issue that cannot be resolved by referring to the FAQ’s and need to speak to us then you can submit your request to us via our contact form. We will endeavour to call you back once your query has been reviewed, please ensure that you leave a contact number.