Learn Arabic, Qur'an And Tajweed Online.

Daralfasaha, is site to learn online Arabic language courses online with 100% Arabic speaking teachers.

We are a center to learn Arabic courses online to non-Arabic speakers. Our program is designed in such a way that everything follows continuously; it is an almost unique program and is very different from other programs taught in many other centers.

This program was developed by the general supervisor of the site, and by the grace of Allah, we have been able to put it into practice for over 10 years; program which at first was taught first.

Then, after the insistence of some students, so that the program is written, we started to write books that are an introduction to the Arabic language.

This great emphasis on the teaching of this program, especially from the students who studied some of the levels with us and then traveled to their respective countries and wanted to finish the program, pushed us to open this site for give Online Arabic courses, to study this program through the internet and meet the demand of students.

Hoping that Allah will make a cause for those who can not travel to the countries where we study this language online, to achieve their goal. While insisting that traveling for learning the Arabic language is even more beneficial.

And we inform you that this program for Arabic lessons, Allah willing, will be a cause to understand the books of scholars and to attend their classes and enjoy their profits.

As will also be the understanding of the Noble Qur’an and the Hadiths of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), It is Allah who guides to the right path, and who grants success to sincerity.


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